PURIMAS CONSTRUCTION - is run by professionals with vast years experience. We offer the highest quality of contruction and unrivalled service for clients in search for their dream home.

Our Project team includes an architect, interior designer, landscapers, structural engineers and M&E consultant.


-> Foundation Structure & Roof Structure

-> Cement walled & Polishing

-> Painting

-> Pool Structure & Systems

-> Furniture & Wood work

-> Sanitary Work

-> Electrical work

-> Air conditioning / Cooling system

-> Tiles & Sand Wash

-> Tiles & Sand Aluminiums & Stainless steel work

RENOVATION & REPAIR - we are here for all your needs from small repairs to full renovations and alterations. We work directly with our clients to ensure everything meets their requirements, from budget planning to choosing paint colours, use our team for inspiration on your next project.

ARCHITECTURE & HOME DESIGN - we manage the design process of your home to ensure all plans are keeps to client’s requirements and stays within the set budget. This also includes making sure designs adhere to local or national building restrictions and guidelines.

HOME MANAGEMENT - we monitor your home to ensure that high standards of maintenance are kept at all times.

-> Communal area improvements
-> Engineering service
-> Landscaping and gardening service
-> Swimming pool cleaning service
-> Maid service & Cleaning
-> Home monthly billing payment


-> Land selection & Surveying 

-> Project budget planning 

-> Cost of build estimations 

-> Architectural design 

-> Timeline schedule for construction 

-> Ensure all building works meet the expected quality and any build regulation codes.

-> Ensure full safety procedures are implemented on site.

-> Conduct regular site meetings with contractors to deal with issues, progress, future work etc.

-> Ensure construction works remain within budget.

-> Ensure full "Defects" list compiled and all defect works completed.

-> Handover to home owner and manage construction process effectively.

LEGAL ADVICE SERVICE - Legal Advice Service for Company Registration / Visa / Work Permit / Accounting.



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