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PURI-MAS"  meaning GOLDEN PARADISE:  Phuket is Thailand's Paradise Island, most desirable place for everyone to visit,  live and investment. 

An  appropriately matches our goal in property & real estate management.

PURIMAS PROPERTY SALES AGENCY  With our team, highly qualified in the residential market we aim to make your search for the perfect property easier and more effective. We have numerous listings including exclusive residential and commercial properties, rental & holiday letting, land investment and others legal service.   

PURIMAS PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTSWith property quality our aim is for you to share your dream with us. We have been experienced in property development for more than 10 years. We have obtained positive feedback and are growing in property and real estate field in Phuket. Ideal for your selection of suitable properties in the paradise island of Phuket, Thailand.           


Phuket is a no.1 of tourist destination in South-East Asia, Many reasons that makes Phuket has an attractive for visit & permanent living. 
1. Phuket is the most beautiful province in Thailand because is the lsland surrounded by natural beauty beaches called name "Pear of Andaman"
2. Phuket is the one popular tourist destination for visit & permanent living. 
3. Low cost to buy property all multi-proposed base for retirement living, spend holiday or even of investment. 
4. Phuket real estate business has been growing in hotel rooms, condos, villas, remain attractive of investment incomes returned. 
5. Charming Thai architecture combined western technology functionally in harmony living. 
6. Authentic Thai cultures & services with land of smiles.
7. Delicious Thai food & Thai price very low for living. 
8. Phuket is quality beachfront resort & hotel truly hospitality & wellness as well as golf course, yacht marinas, nightlife and spa. 
9. Phuket has quality standard healthcare of internation hospitals.
10. Phuket has international schools in primary &secondary that follows inter course of Cambridge & British international schools.



Phuket is an increasingly popular answer to this and for good reason as the island offers a warm tropical ocean, beautiful beaches, stuning scenery and a mutitude of exciting and fun activities. 

Thailand largest Island, Phuket, is located 756 kilometers, South of Bangkok, often called the "Pearl of the Andaman" or "Pearl of South"it's natural resources,  rocky penins.
Ulas, limestone cliffs, white powderly beaches, tranquil broad boys and tropical in-land forest, contibute to making it southern of Thailand's wealthiest, busiest, most visited and popular province. 

Phuket Borders with Phang-Nga, province to the north; connected by the Sarasin Bridge. The reminder of the Island is encircled by the Andaman Sea, an area which is home to many of the best diving sites in the country. 
Staying on the Island is easy as there are only two seasons in the year- the rainny season (May - October) and the hot season (November - April) the low season of Phuket between July & August as these are the wettest months. 
The best period to visit, is from November to April, when it is possible to see the clear blue sky, feel the fresh sea breeze and marvel at the cystal clear waters while lying on the powderly, palm fringed beaches. Average temperatures ranges between 23-33 C.

Phuket has a lot more to offer than just its natural beauty, Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell delighting travelers to Phuket Town, while Phuket-Style hospitality never falls to impress visitors from all walk of life. In additional accommodation ranging from world-class resort to tropical style bungalows caters to the 
different needs of travelors, For Seafood lovers, there is so much chioce including, Phuket's famouse lobster.
Altogether, these characteristics make Phuket a truly unique destination.

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